Sunday, January 29, 2006

I made it!

I made it! More to come later. Finished around 4 hours!!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ok, so that wasn't my last post! I forgot the most important post...THANK YOU to all of you that have been supporting me through these many months of training and fundraising.

With your help I raised over $4,000!!! Woo hoo!! All of you are awesome! Thank you! Thank you!

On Sunday keep me in your thoughts. I'll be crossing the start line at 6 am (Eastern Time) and hopefully getting close to that finish line around 10:30-11:00am!

Thank you!!!

Last post before marathon (maybe!)

Here's my last post before the big day!!! (unless of course I find a computer with internet access!)

And my goals are...(Drumroll).....

1st Goal: 4 hours 45 minutes This is a 10:53 min/mi pace.

Back-up Goal: Under 5 hours. This is a 11:20 min/mi pace. The weather may be hotter (and muggy!!) than expect. Plus there is a chance of thunderstorms!

(Now don't tell anyone, but secretly my goal is 4 hours 30 minutes!!) This is the "please, please, if everything goes well" goal. That's 10:18 min/mi!

You can go to to see how I'm doing during the marathon. I'll be posting once I get to a computer after the marathon to tell you all about it!

My Nephew & Niece

Now isn't that enough to make you want to go and run a marathon!


As I was walking home yesterday I was running through my schedule in my head. Knowing I wasn't going to run after work, I was thinking of all of the things that I could do before choir practice. Well, it was such a beautiful day...there were so many people out running....I got home and quickly put on my shorts and shoes and ran out the door. Couldn't help myself! I did 6 miles at 7:57 min/mi. I was doing a good job of keeping a 8:30-9 min/mi pace until a guy passed me. No one has passed me for a long time. So, instinctively I kept up with him. After a few minutes, I looked at my Garmin and noticed I was running 7 min/mi. Not what I need to be doing right now. I stopped to tie my shoe and let him get further away. If he was not so close, I wouldn't have this need to catch him and pass. Competitive? Nah...

Revised schedule:
Wednesday (today) No running. Pack, pack and pack.

I've been narrowing down my goal time for the marathon. The weather reports keep changing. I might have to do two for hot weather, one for cooler weather. Right now (depending on which weather site) Sunday is suppose to be Sunny or T-storms and anywhere from 73 to 80. I guess it depends on how fast this cold front will move through the area.

I should have something up tonight.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

5 days!!!

Wow, 5 days to go. Last night I ran 6 miles @ 8:01 min/mi. I really did mean to slow down. I kept looking at my Forerunner and telling myself to slow down. I felt pretty good during the run. I noticed a few sore spots though. I'm going to take tonight off and spend the time streching. I woke up this morning with a sore lower back. I'll ice it for awhile tonight.

So the revised schedule now looks like this:
Tuesday: no running. Strech & ice legs & lower back
Wednesday: 3 miles SLOW, SLOW, SLOW
Thursday: travel to Miami! Go to bed as early as possible
Friday: Wake up at 5am, Maybe a short run??
Saturday: Wake up at 4am, OFF FEET and LOTS 'o WATER! Sleep EARLY!
Sunday: Wake up at 3:30am. Bus leaves at 5am for marathon.
Monday: Do whatever I want (if I can!)
Tuesday: lay on the beach and be as lazy as possible! Fly home that afternoon.

I'll do another post shortly of my goals for the marathon. Still looking at the weather and how my body is feeling.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The last group run.

Wow, finally after 8 months of training (WAYYY TO LONG!) our last group run was Saturday. A very easy 8 miles @ 10 min/mi. Funny how 8 miles for a long run seems like a joke nowadays! It had rained the night before so the ground was pretty muddy and we were running on the trails a good part, so needless to say, we were pretty muddy by the end of the run. Had a great time though.
This week will be Monday 6 miles, slow...around 9:30 min/mi. Tuesday, slow 3 miles...9:30 min/mi. And Wednesday, depending how I am feeling 3 miles VERY slow...around 10 min/mi. Thursday early morning I leave for Miami!! Friday I plan to do some walking...perhaps a 12 min/mi jog of 2-3 miles. Just something to loosen up the legs from the flight. Sunday 6am is the marathon!!!
I'll do another post on what my goals are..I need to check on the weather and pace calculators first.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One more long run!

Wow, only one more long run to go.
Sunday I did 9.3 miles. I felt a little worn out afterwards (I ran a little fast and had changed my walk breaks to 9:1.
Ran today after work. I did a hard 3.5 miles in between rain showers. My legs felt like lead while running. I'll be doing more icing and more streching in the next few days.
I received my running singlet and e-ticket for the trip the other day!! Woo Hoo!

Friday, January 13, 2006

16 days to marathon...

Wow, only 16 more days until the marathon.

Tuesday: 6 miles (~46 min)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 6 miles (~47 min)

I noticed on my run last night that I went out REALLY fast. I was doing about a 6:34 min/mi which is unheard of for me. I was going pretty slow by mile 4, but really kicked in again at the end. I could hear someone behind me and I didn't want to be passed, so I kept up the pace for awhile. When he did pass me, I kept on his heals until he turned onto a different path.

Tomorrow is an easy 8 mile run. It is suppose to be cold and rainy, so the 8 miles could be pretty hard.

Have a great weekend!

Fundraising: $2,340 out of $3,000 raised. Only $660 more to go!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I just realized that I'll be leaving in 16 days!! I don't even know when my flight I'm getting to the airport...where my singlet is...what shorts I'm going to wear...Ahh!!!

I'm sooo excited!!! :)

Another marathon?

Yes, I've already signed up to do another marathon! July 22, 2006 Gay Games VII in Chicago! I have put together a small team, "Just Six Guys" of local people that I know. Some are running the marathon, the half, 10k, and cycling. Should be a great time.
Now, I've been asked if I want to run the Napa Valley Marathon in March. March 5th to be exact, the day I turn 27. Wow, 27...that's hard to believe! The people I will be running with are people from my pace group in NAMTP. I need to decide soon because the field is only 2300 people and they do sell out. Hmm....

Monday night: 6 miles in 45:30. Getting faster!
Tuesday night: ??

Monday, January 09, 2006


Quick reminder of why I'm out there 2-3 days a week and a long Saturday raise money for the San Franicsco AIDS Foundation. Yes, it has turned into an addiction, obsession, (maybe lifetime runner??) whatever word you like, but this marathon is all about SFAF!

Every dollar, whether big or small, makes a difference!

Click here: (or copy & paste)

Thank you!!

23 miles...check!

That morning I woke up at 5am (after getting to bed at midnight) and started drinking sports drink and eating. Hopped in the shower at about 5:45am and out the door with all my stuff by 6:15am (a little late, but luckily there's almost NO traffic!) Got to the staging area and instantly ran for the bathroom. One thing that I've been training my body is to go to the restroom as early as possible so I don't have to make any stops along the way. Growing up on the farm has taught me one thing, how to go to the bathroom behind a bush and not be embarassed about it! ;)
After some great inspiring speeches, we headed to the start line of our longest run yet, 23 miles. It was a fairly mild morning, the rain had finally stopped and a little bit of sun was shining through the mostly cloudy sky. We were all a little tired and a little nervous. Goal 12 min/mi with 4:1 run/walk ratio. We all synchronized our watches as we started our .25 mile warm-up walk. There was a lot of chatter and excitement in our voices. As we passed the "run" sign, we again synchronized our watches for intervals. The first couple of miles are sometimes the hardest. The first two miles always remind me of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. I need to find some sort of oil can that can get my legs going a little bit more smoothly in the beginning (yeah, probably a little more warming up would be advisible.)
We started in Golden Gate Park, out and over to the Presidio. I should say UP and over to the Presidio. The hill going up wasn't too bad. It was two blocks, straight up! We all did a great job though going up. Over and around Inspiration Point down into the Presidio we went. Now for the downhill. Some people think that going downhill would be better. Oh, they are not runners (they must be cyclists!) Through the Presidio we went to Crissy Field. The Golden Gate Bridge laid ahead, with the fog kept to the ocean, we were excited for what was ahead. Up another hill (and stairs) to the start of the Golden Gate Bridge. Awesome...that's all I can say. In the 8 years that I have lived here, I have never gone across the GGB by foot. It was something else. We were VERY lucky to have no fog covering the view. Truly awesome.
Out and back across the bridge and back down the stairs. Headed back through Crissy Field and into the Marina. Mile 13 passes...Half Marathon mark. Amazing how a 1/2 marathon just doesn't seem like much. Now, this is the point where I start to get a little pissy. There was a "Halfway Box" that you could place a bag with stuff that you could pick up at the halfway mark. Well, at mile 12 there was nothing, nothing at 13 or 14. Nothing at 15 or 16. Ok...they are SOOO lucky it wasn't raining. I had put an extra pair of socks and shirt thinking that I would be completely soaked by rain. The one thing I did have that I wanted was two bottles of gatorade. Oh well...that just adds to the excitement of running...I guess.
Back through the Presidio and comes the hill from hell. Going down it was tough, going up was even worse...especially when it's mile 15! At this point you could tell who was tired. Two of our guys started to fall back and me being the "Designated Driver" stood back with them to make sure they were ok. One was having low sugar issues and the other had leg cramps. They slowed to a walk and after talking with them, I decided to sprint up the hill to see how far ahead everyone else was. They were about 45 seconds ahead (it hit me that I had just sprinted about a block, up a hill at mile 15. Boy, I must be crazy.) Another one had slowed to a walk. Her knees were started to really hurt. As we continued to walk, we got back into a run and as we met up with the group, the other two had caught up. GREAT! Back together. Hills can really be demoralizing. Just when you think you got something beat, it beats you back!
Back down into the streets of San Francisco we went and back into Golden Gate Park. As we continued to run, we actually had to slow up a few times. We certainly had some off miles, but at mile 18 I had to call out, "Slow Up!" Awesome!
Mile 19 and here came the decision point. They allowed for a 20 or 23 mile run. At this point we only had two people check out early (and a very good choice, this wasn't our race...only a training run!)
Our smaller group continued on...and it started to rain. Now, at first it felt wonderful. A nice little mist to help keep us cool. After mile 21, it start to rain. And it got a little colder. And it got a little windy. Luckily I still had my jacket and I put that on.
Through the now muddy path we trudged on. I started having this weird feeling that one of my toenails might have fallen off during this little 23 mile jaunt. It's amazing what your mind can have you feel. I kept having this picture of my nail coming off and my sock all bloody. I could feel wetness around my toes and tried not to think about it as much as possible.
Mile 22, back to the "decision point" and off to the finish line we went. As we went up the last little hill before getting to the finish, I felt a pain on the top of my foot...GREAT! All this way and now I'm going to have problems? I quickly stopped and started to do a few little streches. 10 seconds later back with the group and down the last hill. As quickly as the rain started, it had stopped. Out of the woods we came and we could hear cheering. Glorious cheering!! Balloons were everywhere as we came down that little stretch and into the arms of the amazing NATMP staff and volunteers. They gave us a finisher's medal and a big hug. We started giving each other hugs. What an amazing feeling...23 miles!
We staggered over to the food table and started eating and eating and drinking and eating!

Distance: 23 miles
Time: 4 hours, 29 minutes, 29 seconds
Calories burned: ~4200 calories
Avg. Pace: 11 minutes 40 seconds

What an amazing time; what amazing people! I am so proud of my pace group, of all of the AIDS Marathoners and of my supporters!

Countdown to marathon: 20 days!

By the way, I still have my toenail (for now).

Friday, January 06, 2006

The big 23 tomorrow!

In about 13 hours I'll be toeing the start line of a 23 mile run. Wow. Amazing how 3 miles seem liked a long distance only a 7 months ago. Of course I have many thoughts going through my head about how hard its going to be and how I might not be able to do it. I have a blister on the inside of one of my toes, my legs feel tired, I haven't slept well the past week, I have mold growing on the ceiling, I have a huge hole in my ceiling, I've been packing boxes...the list goes on and on.
Quick note on the living situation. Leak #1 in ceiling turned into hole in ceiling. Leaks #2 & #3 turned into moldy ceiling. This past week has been spent working with the apartment management company. Results: Moving Sunday afternoon, hiring 3 friends, two pick-up trucks, new apartment in Adam's Point (Oakland), one month free rent. Hopefully I'll be settled in by the end of next week. I think the hardest part will be working with Comcast to get my cable internet installed.
No worries...I'll make it...I will make it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Marathon only 26 days away!

Wow, it's hard to believe that I will be doing my first marathon in 26 days. I've been training for a long time, so I'm more than ready to get my first one under my belt!
Holiday training:
Christmas Eve I ran 5.5 miles in my grandparent's basement. They have a treadmill. There was one minor problem, I couldn't even step onto the treadmill! The ceiling was too low. So, we found a spot that the ceiling wasn't finished. My grandpa cleared the spider webs away and we moved the treadmill over there. Well, it was really hard to run with my head carefully placed between the boards.
That Tuesday I went to the YMCA in Forest City. 16 times around equaled 1 mile. I went 120 times around (7.5 miles). Amazingly I was able to pull off a fairly fast time, 8 min/mi. I would have kept going, but my dad gave me a ride, and therefore was picking me up.
It was "warm" in Iowa (30-32 degrees) but the roads were icy. I didn't want to risk slipping and falling at this point. I gave myself some needed rest. My knees had started to hurt and the time off actually was what I needed.
Fast Forward to Saturday morning. Now for those of you that don't live in the bay area, you may have heard/read that we have been getting bad storms. Well, I got to experience that firsthand Saturday morning. Almost everyone baled...coaches and program reps were a no show as was most of the runners. There were about 8 or so of us that braved the weather. Most of the run went well. It was VERY windy (50+mph winds) and we had to go through a lot of water and downed trees and branches. The last mile was pretty nice, the sun started to come out and there was a rainbow to the north. Then it happened. The wind gusted and sky let loose. It downpoured...and hard. I couldn't see because of my glasses so I was blindly following the guy in front of me. The rain was whipping around so hard, I had to use my jacket to shield my face. Once we finished, the rain had stopped. The last 5 minutes of the run and we get soaked. I got my run in though! 8.5 miles.
Yesterday (Monday) I got out after work and started my normal route of 6 miles. At about mile 6, I noticed the streets from Grand Ave. go up a hill. I turned and went up the hill and back down. Then up and then down. After almost 3 miles of this (and a few stares) I thought it best to get my butt home. I ended up with 10.25 miles at a 8:20 min/mi pace. I could have kept going, but I have 23 miles this Saturday.
That's right, the big run is this weekend. More to come...