Monday, June 16, 2008

Bighorn 100 mile next weekend!

Quick post. Wow! Since Ruth Anderson, I've run Miwok 100k (placed 3rd in Age Group), Ohlone 50k (placed 3rd in Age Group), ran two days at Western States 100 Training runs, San Diego Marathon, and Diablo Trail (32 mile). That's a lot of running! :)

My first 100 mile of the year starts on Friday in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. My running partner, Jeff J. and I leave Tuesday night for the 24 hour drive. (Crazy we are!)

Just thought I would share this little excerpt from their Runner's Packet:

"The runners may be subject to extreme temperatures of heat and cold,
hypothermia, heat stroke, kidney failure, seizures, low blood sugar,
disorientation, injury, falling rock or trees, wild animal or reptile
attack, or even death from their participation in this event."

Kidney Failure, Seizures, Wild Animals & Reptile attacks or Death! Sounds like a good time, eh?

Oh, they have 7 feet of snow on the trail that we'll be running. I think they'll be creating an alternate at that section...hopefully!


Blogger MissAllycat said...

Kidney failure? Seizures??? Sounds like a barrel of fun.

Be safe and have fun! Do I sound like your mom? :)

1:32 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Awww crap. Now she's going to be worrying the entire time. Maybe I shouldn't have put that up there! :)

1:53 PM  

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