Monday, September 26, 2005


Wow, I have been slacking a WHOLE lot! This weekend I was in Oregon for a friend's wedding. I did manage 48 minutes of running on the beach Saturday morning. I'm debating whether or not to go to the city and meet with some friends after work, or go home and run a hilly 6 miles and then go to the gym. We'll see.
This Saturday will be my first Saturday run in San Francisco for the Miami Marathon. Only a 6 mile run, but I'm not up for 20 miles that is part of the Honolulu training. I don't think I need to do that to my body. Plus I have a chorus retreat that same day.
Tuesday is a definite 5-6 miles. Wednesday I hope to get up early enough to get in about 4-5 miles.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Here's a photo of me back in May at Bay to Breakers 2005. This was my first big race.

Donation website

Some of you may have tried to donate money to my AIDS Marathon Training Program in the past day or two and it didn't seem to work. NAMTP let me know that they have been experiencing some web technical problems and the website should be functional again soon.
Since I've changed marathons, if you have already donated, that money has been transferred to the new marathon I'm training for...Miami! It was suppose to be New Orleans, but we all know what happened. My number has also changed from #3068 to #5035. If you have a form and you are sending that, plus change the number at the top to #5035. If you have already sent it in with the old number, don't worry they should be able to figure it out. But if it takes more than a month for them to process then let me know and I'll go hunt it down! If you have no idea at all what I'm talking about, send me an email and I'll clue you in! ;)

Thank you again to all of you that have supported me with donations and with verbal support!

And then a week went by...

Wow, hard to believe that it's been a week since I've posted anything! Recap starting with last Thursday.
Thurs. Sept. 15 did a different trail at Lake Chabot. The trail had a very, VERY steep section to it. I was going up for a good 15 minutes before finally reaching the top. I think I did about 4-5 miles. Not quite sure.
Friday through Sunday I was at the Landmark Forum. It was great.
Monday was recovery from such a long weekend and a lot of phone calls.
Tuesday was my last day of the Landmark Forum. Great night.
Last night, I went to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 4.8 miles. I just realized that I really hate the treadmill. The goal of the night was to run and workout. I thought if I put myself in the gym running, the transistion to lifting weights would be smooth. Well, I hate the treadmill. There's just not enough room to move around. Plus I can't tell how fast I am running. Yes, it does show me my speed, but when I am running outside my body quickly gets into a rhythm. Not so on the treadmill. So I did some intervals to try and make it interesting, but it just sucked! It didn't help that I was feeling out of shape from not running Sat. and Tues. Missing two days really shouldn't make that much of a difference. And yeah, I did lift some weights.
Tonight will be running somewhere and for so long. Not quite sure yet. Tomorrow I leave for Portland for a wedding. I'm brining my running shoes...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Running and more running...

Tuesday: 5 miles at Lake Chabot
Wednesday: 6 miles at Lake Merritt. Very fast miles, it took me only 46 minutes. I'm a little sore this morning. My IT band on my left side is acting up. I need to do the foam roller to loosen everything up.
Tonight will be 5-6 miles either in the neighborhood or Lake Chabot. I have church choir practice at 7:30, so I can't be out there too long.
Some sad news, our Assistant Director, Cindy Polansky passed away last night. She had been through a hard battle with cancer for many years. She will be missed by many.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

18 miles complete!

Whew! I did it, 18 miles! (Well, I think the course was actually 17 miles, but that's still a lot!) Friday night when I got home, the last thing on my mind was to go to the gym, so we went and saw Transporter 2 instead. Fun movie. Totally unbelievable, but I think that's the beauty of it. Dad would love it.
Saturday I got up and did the 18 miles in 2 hours 40 minutes (which is why I think the course was no more than 17 miles, we didn't run that fast). We started at the Berkeley Marina. It was actually sunny and somewhat warm for 8am. For those of you not from this area, the Berkeley Marina is directly across from the Golden Gate so the fog usually blows right through there, but it just happened to be one of those days that we didn't have fog. We went around the marina (2 miles), out to the Emeryville Marina and back (8 miles) and over the I-80 foot bridge to Shattuck Ave down to Ashby Ave and back (8 miles). The last two miles were amazing. We were running down a slight downhill and we just flew. It was awesome. I did about 30 minutes worth of slow stretching when I got back to the marina.
When I got home I jumped in the tub and turned on the cold water. Sat in the cold water for 10 minutes and then took a hot shower. Since I had to be at the church for our concert in four hours, I was nervous about taking a nap or sitting for too long. I pretty much paced back and forth all afternoon. I would sit and play piano for 15 minutes and then get up and walk the house for 5 minutes and then sit back down. I was nervous that I my muscles would cramp up and I wouldn't be able to move.
Call was at 5pm for the concert. Noticed my body temperature was still pretty high. It was a warm day and singing in a group doesn't exactly have a cooling effect. The concert started at 8pm and we didn't go on until 9:45pm. We were awesome. I am really excited about our group. The only problem, I was still too hot. The hot lights didn't help, the stuffy air didn't help, and being on stage in front of everyone just added to it. I was sweating up a storm. But, the show must go on. I thought to myself, as long as I don't feel like I'm going to faint, I just need to suck it up and continue. So I did. We finished around10:30pm, teardown done by 11pm and home in bed by midnight. One would think that after that, I would be able to treat myself by sleeping in. No.
I was up Sunday morning getting ready for church and there by 9am for choir rehearsal. We sang with a celtic group. They were awesome. After church was the annual church picnic at Lake Temescal, so on we went. Of course we got there early and helped setup everything. Stayed until 12:45 and then back home. Finally for 30 minutes, I stayed motionless in bed. It was heaven. But like all good things, it came quickly to an end and back to the church for our final concert. Sunday was cooler and there was a nice breeze moving through the church. Call at 3pm, concert at 5pm. Everything was said and done by 8:30pm. Was home by 9pm and practically passed out in the chair.
Yesterday I was going to go to the gym for a little running and light weightlifting, but I thought my body could use more rest time than more actiivity. I'm glad I did.
Tonight: 5-6 miles on the hilly trails of Lake Chabot. 6:30 BBQ wrap party.

Friday, September 09, 2005

18 miles...ok, whatever

Ok, so I've been thinking about this and I've decided to go ahead and do the 18 miles. I may regret it later (when I'm hobbling up to the stage on Saturday) but I know that I WILL regret it if I don't.
Yesterday was a shorter than expected run. We had a BBQ for church choir. So, I jumped out the door and ran around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes. Probably 3.5 miles (or so). I will be singing Thursday nights with the church choir, so yet another day of rushing to get home to get out the door to run to get back home to shower and eat to get out the door once again to get to the church. Whew! But what a dull life if I wasn't always on the go! ;)
Tonight = the gym. 15 minutes bike, ~30 minutes light weightlifting. Or...I may just sit in my chair and watch a movie and go to bed early.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

That was 8 miles....

This past Saturday we ran 8 miles, for some reason I thought it was 7. The run went nice and smooth. After running the 8 miles, I met up with some friends and played volleyball for 2 1/2 hours. Had a great time. Unfortunately these people play Saturday mornings (which of course doesn't work!)
Friday I spent a good 45 minutes at the gym riding bike and lifting light weights. I need to be careful not to add weight. It's helpful to have more muscle up top (and God knows that I've NEVER had much muscle!) but I'm running, not entering a bodybuilding contest! :)
Sunday was a nice rest day. I was fairly wiped out from all of the activity of Saturday.
Monday I decided to go for a hike around Lake Chabot. I run along the west side of the lake a lot of the time, but never have I gone completely around it. So, after about 10 miles and 2 hours 40 minutes later I made it completely around. Some of the trails are pretty steep and are about 3 inches of dry fluffy dirt and sand. Made for a good workout.
Tuesday back to running with 5.2 miles at Lake Chabot. Just an easy out and back. I was running a little slow at 44 minutes but bounced up the hills at a good pace.
Tonight is the last "official" East Bay Frontrunner Wednesday night run. I'm going to try and convince a few people to keep this up (just because I need to run anyways, why not run with people!) Will be at Lake Merritt tonight (6 miles).
Thursday another 6 miles and Saturday is still up in the air. I'm scheduled to run 18 miles. I have a concert that night which I need to be there by 5pm. That gives me several hours to recover, but this run will last about 3 hours. Since I'm not running Honolulu, I don't HAVE to do this, but I really want to do it. I guess I'll see when the time comes.

Friday, September 02, 2005

7 miles tomorrow

Wicked was awesome...but no miles Wednesday!

Thursday went over to Lake Merritt and ran 6 miles. For miles 2 through 4 I paced with a woman that was running. I hope she didn't think I was stalking her! It was nice to have someone that was running at the same pace to help keep me there! After running the 6, I went to the gym and lifted weights for 30 minutes. Needless to say I was starving once I got home at 8:30pm!!

Tomorrow is 7 miles. Seems sort of disappointing! I was thinking of running a 1/2 marathon near Half Moon Bay tomorrow, but really wanted to run with my group. Only if I could convince my group to pay $30, travel an extra 1 hour and run on trails in the hills! With such a short run tomorrow, I trying to see if I can join a volleyball group for the rest of the day. Hopefully there is an opening. I love playing volleyball, I just never seem to get a chance!!

Would like to find a race for Sunday or Monday, but haven't found any yet.