Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My nephews & niece

When you get a picture like this, you just have to post it for people to see. This is me and my nephews and niece in Iowa. For those of you that are not from Iowa, please note the bull is not real. ;)

Week 1 of 12 almost complete!

Last week as I sat in bed with a unforgiving head cold, I found a training plan for the American River 50 mile. Of course it was an 18 week plan and after counting the weeks, I found that I only had 12 weeks to get this training in. Doable...yes, Ideal...what's really ideal?

Still have some sniffles, but I've been out there running. So far this week:

Sunday: 2 hour hike near Lake Chabot
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 4.5 miles
Wednesday: 8.4 miles

Thursday is an off day as is Friday. Saturday is 10 and Sunday is 8.

We fly out to Hawaii tomorrow afternoon, so I'll need to be extra disciplined in my running. It will be much to easy to take a break on the beach or go into the water!! I am meeting Johan's dad and step-mom for the first time. I think we'll have a great time. If his dad is anything like him, we'll get along just fine!

Happy Trails!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sick...surprised, don't think so!

Got the cold everyone else has around here. Not surprised, with all of the traveling I've done in the past two weeks.

I hope to be back running to normal within the week. If I'm still living this afternoon, I hope to have my training schedule set for the AR50. Pretty much a marathon schedule with a few more 20+ runs.

Happy Trails...Restful sleeping (hopefully!)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh yeah...and SPAM

There is a SPAM museum!

Holiday pictures

Johan, Me, Liz, Jared.

This is at the Mitchell Dam, about 5 miles north of my hometown. Usually by this time of year, everything has a lot of ice on it!

And then a month goes by...

I shouldn't be surprised that almost 1 month has gone by since I've written in here.

Quick updates:
Trip to Iowa went really well. Everyone liked Johan (that's good, because I think he's here to stay.)
After returning from Iowa, I learned my grandfather passed away, and it was right back to Iowa. Very sad to lose someone, even if they were 85 years old.

Run Across Iowa...almost official. I've plotted out the course. (That's me at my parent's dining room table with the map of Iowa...boy, my hair is thinning!) It all comes down to when I am singing in a cabaret this summer. Finish line is to be crossed on July 4th in Harper's Ferry, IA.

Today I've signed up for the American River 50 mile, April 14th.

I better get out there and run!

Happy Trails!