Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back on track (I mean the trail)

Well after the week of the 14th I am back going strong. I did do a slow 3 mile run Thursday which really loosened everything up. Saturday's 7 mile was no problem. Did a lot of stretching afterwards that really helped. I did play volleyball that Saturday, but took it easy, and didn't feel any problems.
Thanksgiving week I started getting back into a little bit more of a "normal" routine. Ran Monday 3 miles, Tuesday morning 3 miles (brrrr!) and then 8 miles Saturday morning. Felt really good after the Saturday 8 miles. Was all ready to play volleyball that afternoon, but forgot that it was cancelled because of Thanksgiving. Which worked out fine, because I got up early Sunday and since I didn't have to sing in choir I decided to run the 4th Sunday Run at Lake Merritt. It was also Run to the Far Side, which is sort of like a smaller version of Bay to Breakers (lots of costumes). I really wanted to see where I was at in regards to speed. Well, I did the 10k (6.2 miles) in 47:05!! I placed 5th overall and 1st in my age group (once again, I was the only one in my age group!) I was very happy with my time. I ran 2 minutes faster than my previous personal best (in July at Run to the Lake). Very happy! Plus I had run 8 miles the morning before, so I have a feeling I may have been able to shave off another 30 seconds. The next time I run a 10k, I hope to break 46 minutes.
Just an idea of how far I've come in about 11 months:
mid-January 2005 ran my first mile on the treadmill. Over 12 minutes and almost died (at least I thought I was going to).
February 2005 start running about 2 miles in about 24 minutes.
March 2005 start thinking of marathon training and start my own little program to get myself ready for training. I ran 3 miles in 33 minutes.
April 2005 I ran around the lake with a person I met (Lara) and inspires me to run my first race. April 24, 2005 I run my first race 4th Sunday Run 10k (Lake Merritt) in 51:04. I had a goal of 60 minutes. I was blown away by my time! I placed 1st in my age group (the only person in my age group) and 11th out of 23 overall.
May 2005 I picked my first big race, Bay to Breakers in San Franicsco. 12k in 1:10:36. I finished 2770th out of 68,000 (or about that, don't remember the number) Now it took me over 5 minutes just to reach the start line, so it was more like 1:05:36. Oh well, the next time I'll push my way to the start line!
June 2005 I started my first AIDS Marathon Training, Honolulu December 2005. Very excited. I ran my 3 miles in just over 21 minutes and was placed in the "Hansen" group (9 min/mile). Had a great time with those guys!
July 2005, more marathon training. Found out that my OEBGMC concert was December 10th & 11th, the same weekend as the marathon...very disappointed!
July 10th, 2005 I ran my second 10k. This time Run to the Lake in Castro Valley. It was a very hilly course (trails along Lake Chabot) I came in 76th (out of 267) with a time of 49:19. Sub 8 min/mi!!
July 31st, 2005 I ran my first 1/2 marathon, San Francisco Marathon in 1:55:34 placing 532 out of 1766. I replaced a 12 mile run in my training program with this race instead, so I took it at a training pace (not a race pace).
August 2005, had a talk with the NAMTP director. He agreed to let me switch training programs. My new training would be New Orleans February 2006, starting in September.
August 29-31, Hurrican Katrina hits New Olreans.
September 2005, still training with the Honolulu group. Just finished a 18 mile run! Very excited and ready to run a marathon! Not sure if we will still be running the New Orleans marathon
October 2005, now training with the New Orleans group in the city. Announcement made at the end of October that will we be running in Miami instead.
November 2005. 3rd 10k at 47:05! Almost a 5 minute improvement in just 7 months!
The coming months will be continued training for the Miami marathon (January 29th). Will be some excitement this Saturday when we run 17 miles!
Running in December in Iowa will be a new adventure!! Hopefully there will be a warm spell!

Monday, November 14, 2005


Not again! Won't be running tomorrow morning! This past Saturday after running 14 miles (which was a breeze) I decided that would join my volleyball group for a few hours of volleyball fun. Well, the last 15 minutes I should have stopped! I started feeling some pain in my left foot, but decided to play through it. Well, I played right through to another injury! I just got back from lunch and had to stop twice because I could barely walk. ARGH!!!! I hate being injuried. Right now I'm sitting at work (writing this post before getting back to work) with an ice pack on my foot. I'm halfway through training really not excited to be injuried!
This week will be spent doing exercises/streches to get my foot back into shape (and lots of rest & ice). Luckily this weekend is only 7 miles and the following week I believe is only 7 miles, so I am not a risk of missing a long run (next LONG run is 17 miles in about 3 weeks). It becomes a little harder to make those up.
So here's what my week looks like now.
Monday: stationary bike 30 minutes
Tuesday: stationary bike 45 minutes
Wednesday: off
Thursday: stationary bike 45 minutes
Friday: off
Saturday: ???? 7 miles?????

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mid-Marathon Training depression?

Is there such a thing? After training for over 6 months now (because of my switch of marathons) I'm really, really, really ready to run a race! Unfortunately during this time, I've also lowered my weekly mileage. I was up to around 25-30 miles per week, now I'm down to 18-25 miles per week. Even though it doesn't seem to be a lot, to me it's a huge difference. Plus I've been running my long runs at a slower pace because I have no one in my 9 min/mi pace group. I guess it's not a bad thing because I have been feeling great after my long runs.
So, recap of sort of what has been happening.
Two weeks ago the long run was 12 miles. No problem. It was cool and misty out, but not bad weather to run (need to wear contacts though, my glasses were all fogged up and could barely see out of them.)
Last week was an off week so I only had 6 miles to do. Since I had a chorus retreat at the same time, I chose to run with EBFRW in Alameda instead of going all the way over to Golden Gate Park in SF. I ran a VERY fast 6 miles in 46 minutes. One of my fastest runs yet.
What about weekday maintenance runs?? Well, so far I have gotten back on track with those too! Now that I live 2 blocks from Lake Merritt, it has become my new running track. This morning I met with Jeff from AMTP and John T. from OEBGMC. Jeff and I did 6 miles in about 46 minutes (or 48, I have to check my watch). The last 3 miles we did in just over 21 minutes. Pretty fast. It was probably THE coldest and windest weather I have ever run in. Upper 40's, lower 50's and a stiff 20 mph wind. Felt great afterwards though. (Though my knees are really banged up from playing volleyball last night.)
Things I need to get this week...more Gu, new pair of shoes, more socks.
Oh, by the way, I moved. Instead of doing a weekday run, I spent 2 hours running up and down 3 flights of stairs moving boxes. I think that is an even exchange.
AND, if anyone will be in Miami or needs an excuse to go to Miami in late January, please come and cheer me on at the Miami Marathon! I've been reading posts of people that have just finished their first marathons and how they saw family and friends along the way. I'm thinking after 3 1/2 hours of running seeing a familiar face would be exactly what I'll need at that point!