Monday, November 14, 2005


Not again! Won't be running tomorrow morning! This past Saturday after running 14 miles (which was a breeze) I decided that would join my volleyball group for a few hours of volleyball fun. Well, the last 15 minutes I should have stopped! I started feeling some pain in my left foot, but decided to play through it. Well, I played right through to another injury! I just got back from lunch and had to stop twice because I could barely walk. ARGH!!!! I hate being injuried. Right now I'm sitting at work (writing this post before getting back to work) with an ice pack on my foot. I'm halfway through training really not excited to be injuried!
This week will be spent doing exercises/streches to get my foot back into shape (and lots of rest & ice). Luckily this weekend is only 7 miles and the following week I believe is only 7 miles, so I am not a risk of missing a long run (next LONG run is 17 miles in about 3 weeks). It becomes a little harder to make those up.
So here's what my week looks like now.
Monday: stationary bike 30 minutes
Tuesday: stationary bike 45 minutes
Wednesday: off
Thursday: stationary bike 45 minutes
Friday: off
Saturday: ???? 7 miles?????


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