Thursday, September 15, 2005

Running and more running...

Tuesday: 5 miles at Lake Chabot
Wednesday: 6 miles at Lake Merritt. Very fast miles, it took me only 46 minutes. I'm a little sore this morning. My IT band on my left side is acting up. I need to do the foam roller to loosen everything up.
Tonight will be 5-6 miles either in the neighborhood or Lake Chabot. I have church choir practice at 7:30, so I can't be out there too long.
Some sad news, our Assistant Director, Cindy Polansky passed away last night. She had been through a hard battle with cancer for many years. She will be missed by many.


Anonymous The Sister..... said...

Sorry about to hear about Cindy..that is just so sad... Cancer is such an awful thing...

Keep up the good work on the running. Hey email me at home - I need your phone number.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Lars said...

Sorry to hear about your AD, that's never easy.

I did 3 miles Wednesday and then 1.5 last night and I was about done! I can't imagine doing 8 or more miles back to back nights...someday hopefully though!

9:12 AM  

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