Friday, August 26, 2005


Last night I decided to go over to Alameda to run. It was getting close to dusk and I didn't want to run at Lake Chabot in the dark. The trail gets very dark with the shade of the trees, and there are some holes in the trail that I didn't want to twist my ankle in. Well, after 4 miles of running, I noticed the left side of my hip was a little achy. Nothing too bad, but I should have just stopped! Instead I was thinking of my total mileage for the week (~33 miles) and wanted to make sure that I hit above 30 miles. Last night I did some of my stretches including taking a clinder of hard foam and rolling the side of my leg on the floor with it. VERY PAINFUL, but needs to be done. This stretches the IT band (runs for the top of the hip, across the knee to the ankle). Imagine a piece of taffy that's been in the frig. Take it out and if you try and bend it into different shapes, it's probably going not going to move to quickly (and possibly break.) Like the taffy, the IT band takes a lot of working on before it's able to be malleable.
I woke up this morning and PAIN! It hurts when I walk and when I step up. When I take steps down, it actually doesn't hurt at all (weird?) Tomorrow is a 16 mile run. Not sure what's going to happen. It's really going to depend on how I feel tomorrow morning. I'll still go, but I'll talk to the coach to get an ok before I run.
Injuries suck!


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Blogger Brad said...

Getting spammed on my own BLOG!! Activate "Word Verification" Hopefully this works!

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the spam - have it too...
Hope you aren't in too much pain now, and that you were able to stretch everything out. keep it limber...ICE, ICE, & ICE get the inflammation out... might be calling you this next week - maybe have some good news...(job) ~A

8:31 PM  

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