Friday, August 05, 2005

Still going...

Had a nice run with EB Frontrunners on Wednesday around Alameda. Jeff and I did intervals (run faster for 30 seconds, 60, 90...then jog a minute, repeat) I was a little nervous doing them when I was 4 miles away from my car. What if I got too tired, what if I hurt something? It made me step out of my comfort zone which was good. Now I know that I can run fast during a 6 mile run and still be able to finish with no problems.
Last night, John and I went over to Alameda and ran along the beach. I found this new path (well, new to me!) that goes from Bay Farm Island (or Harbor Bay, whatever you like to call it), crosses the water to Alameda, on a path along Alameda beach and then back. It's about 6 miles out and back. The best part is the first mile (and last). The path is a single lane that goes behind the beach front houses. There are plants that are 6 feet high and the path is dirt/sand. Feels more like an adventure than exercising! I think I may need to find a few more trails to run to keep things interesting. Maybe some trailrunning shoes. I think I may have a problem, I'm constantly thinking about the next pair of shoes I'm going to buy. I have one pair that I just love (Brook's Dyad 3) which are impossible to find on any website, and Asics GT2100, which are everywhere, but I'm not sure if I really like them. I really need to find a discounted pair of Brooks, mine has over 175 miles already. And socks. I wore a pair of socks last night that did not agree with me. I have a blister between my pinky toe and the one next to it. Amazing how such a little thing can cause sooo much pain.
Tomorrow is a 6 mile long run. This is a recovery long run since last weekend was 13 miles. The week after we jump to 14 miles! Woo hoo!


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