Monday, July 25, 2005

10 Miles...or was that 12?

This past weekend, we were scheduled to run 10 miles. I've run 10 miles once before so I was feeling good about being to run it with no problems. When I walked out the door at 8am Saturday, the sun was feeling warm and I had a feeling that it was going to get hot (plus I looked at the weather before I left). It was already in the mid-70's in Walnut Creek and we started out at 9am. We were suppose to run part of a trail out and back (2 miles) and then loop around back to the park (8 miles). Well, we should have known we were in trouble when we could find the turn around point on the first out and back. We ended up running a total of 4 miles instead of 2. When we got to the 4 mile mark we about fell over (the other part of the trail wasn't marked), we had been running for 55 minutes, it if it really was mile marker 4, it should have been 36 minutes. So we slowly were trying to do the math (and fill up with water!) and realized that we had done an extra two (we thought). As we got to mile 6, there were so jugs of water sitting next to the marker. Now we were getting confused if this was our water or not. It said that it was for AIDS Marathon, SF Marathoners. We are Honolulu marathoners, so we thought that the SF people were also on the course that day. So we passed the water thinking it wasn't ours. At mile 7 (really 9) we decided that maybe that it really was our water, we were starting to get low on water again (plus we were suppose to have salty snacks). At this point Paul was starting to feel dizzy, so I decided to stay back with him and let the others keep running. He had run out of water (luckily I just bought a 70oz Camelbak, so I had some to spare) and we had no idea when the next water stop would be. He thought that if he could just walk a little longer he would be fine. He drank some water and we walked an extra minute and he was up and running again. We slowed the pace down, probably to a 10 minute/mile pace. We finally got to the next water stop at mile 8, filled our bottles, grabbed some pretzels and kept going. Now, we realized that we only 2 more miles to go. The sun was really starting to beat down on us, and there was VERY limited shade on the trail (it was around 85-90 degrees). We kept going and going and going. We started talking about turning around, thinking we may have missed a turn somewhere. It seemed like we were going no where fast. Paul said we really need to turn around, I think we're lost. I told him one more curve (the trail curved back and forth) and if we couldn't see the hospital (or next landmark to know we were on the right course) then we would turn and go back to the water stop. Just as I got done saying that, the hospital appeared. We both got a little teary-eyed. We were less than a mile away, and not a moment to soon. We ran through the sprinklers before heading off to try and cool down a bit. We finally made it back to the finish line in 1 hour and 52 minutes.
I was sort of worried about running the 1/2 marathon (not having covered more than 10 miles at one time). Well, I ran 12 miles in VERY hot conditions, I think I can handle another 1.1 miles in much cooler weather this coming Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not good - glad you had enough water.... Maybe need to have a gal or guy on a golf cart for a sag wagon...or least someone to make sure you are on the right trail....~A

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