Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Week 3: 5 miles

Well, last Saturday was interesting to say the least. We ran for the first time at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek. There's a few small hills and it is much warmer there. We ran almost two miles when we came to a "T" intersection and there was NO direction sign. We started to head backwards when we saw the next group coming down the street. Since they were coming the same way, we collectively decided to take a right turn. After about 3 minutes running, we came to a "No Outlet" sign, so another decision to turn back was quickly made by our group "Jacqueline Hansen" and we took off to try and find the route. We managed to find the next sign and found mile markers 3 through 5. We had water stations at mile 2 and 4. I feel for the Mile 2 people, I don't think they had a single person come by!
After this "adventure" we will now receive a printed map before each run!

Saturday July 2nd, 6 miles!


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