Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh so close to 100!

I am one mile short of 100 miles!! I ran 5 miles last night for a total of 99 miles! Saturday I will be running 8 miles, so after the first mile, I'm going to let out a Whoop! to let everyone know! :)

The garage sale money has finally been posted in my fundraising account. I am now at $1,645!! All of you are amazing!!! I am more than halfway to my goal of $3,000, but only have 6 weeks to come up with $1,355! Sort of a scary thought when I think back when I did the AIDS Walk and raised only $500 and that was a big deal! I'm planning another garage sale probably near August 14th. If you have things you want to donate, please let me know. I sold most of my stuff at the last one!

If you have been wanting to give but don't have the cash...NO PROBLEM! Let me know and I can sign you up to be a waterboy/girl! I get a $20 fundraising credit and you get to feel that feeling that only volunteering can bring! What does it show up 20 minutes early, you take water and go to a certain mile mark and as groups go by, you hand out water and cheer us on! And we cheer YOU on for being such a great person for helping!

As you can tell, this has turned into more of a fundraising campaign post then a how I'm doing post. I just sent out a gazillion (or so) emails out and hope someone is looking at this!

Happy Friday (my rest day!)


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