Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Week 5: 7 miles!

Wow, I'm already to Week 5!! This Saturday I will be running 7 miles. I didn't make it to the last training run. John and I were up at the Russian River camping. I had planned to drive back down to Walnut Creek Saturday morning to run, but I was promised that I would have company and would not have to run my 6 miles by myself. Well, for the first four miles I ran with Aidan, then the last two were by myself. I did have John and Aidan at the end cheering me on though! I ran just under 54 minutes (which is where I needed to be!)

The mileage is starting to add up. I think I'm at 52 miles or so. The week before training started I had ran 30 miles though! Right now I'm running about 17 miles per week. Each week it should be going up another mile or two.

To the Niess Family: Have a great time at the reunion. I wish I could be there.


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