Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Week 6 = 8 miles (88 total miles)

So far...88 miles! Last night I ran 5 miles. It has been pretty warm around here (~80 degrees) so that has been a new variable to work with.
After reading an article about weight, I've decided to lose a few pounds. The article said that long distance runners do their best when they are 80%-90% of average weight. That puts me around 147 - 164. I'm 174 right now (I've gained about 10 pounds the past three weeks). Since I've been running so much, I haven't been getting to the gym for cross-training. That's why I've gained the 10 pounds around the mid-section. Also, I had given myself permission to eat whatever I wanted because I was burning it off. Well, I wasn't burning that much! I'll be trying to hit the gym 2-3 times a week and watch the fatty foods. I should be at my ideal weight of 164 in about three weeks.
Tonight: Running with the EB Frontrunners around Lake Merritt. Will do two laps (6 miles). Hopefully I'll get someone to run the second lap with me!


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