Sunday, July 10, 2005

77 miles and counting!

Saturday's 7 mile run was pretty easy. I think that the first two miles were really 1 1/2 miles. There was no way we were running 6 min/miles in the beginning! Everyone was in really good spirits through the entire run.
I decided to do a 10k race this morning. It's for Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley. The race starts at EMC and then goes through Lake Chabot. I run Lake Chabot each week, so at least I know the two hills that we'll have to climb. If I hit 53 minutes, I'll be really happy. That was my time for the last 10k I did (though I didn't run 7 miles the day before!)

Fundraising: $945 out of $3,000 raised! And if you donated and I haven't sent you a thank-you message, it's not because I don't's because it can take up to 10 (sometimes more!) days for it to post to the website.

And to those that have already contributed...THANK YOU!!!


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