Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Running the SF 1/2 Marathon!

Ok, I've decided to run the Runner's World San Francisco 1/2 Marathon. The most difficult part of the decision was trying to figure out how I was going to get there and get back! BART doesn't run that early in the morning, and the start line for the second 1/2 marathon is in Golden Gate Park (on the other side of the city!). Jack from my office has been kind enough to offer me a parking spot at his place and is willing to drive me over the GGP for the start. (WHAT A GREAT GUY!)
So, as you are rolling out of bed (or just rolling over) at 8am on Sunday morning (July 31st), think of me running in the cold fog for 13.1 miles...you'll really appreciate your bed!
Oh and a link to a picture of the 10k race http://www.brightroom.com/stf.asp?EVENTID=8827&PWD=&ID=15649338


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay - as I roll over and go back to sleep (LMAO)- like I get to sleep in, I will think of you... good luck! ~A

2:32 PM  

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