Thursday, July 21, 2005

6 more miles complete!

Did 6 miles last night in Alameda. It's nice to run on flat land! There was quite a wind out there yesterday. Just a quick comment, it's sooo nice to live in the East Bay. From the island, you can see SF. Well, there was so much fog flying through the gate and swallowing SF and Berkeley. It was probably 5-10 degrees cooler just a few miles away. Sure, the East Bay isn't as cool and hip as SF, but I'll take better weather any day! Were else in the country can the temperature range from 55 on the coast to 105 inland (all within 35 miles!) We are right in the middle, a nice 75-80 degrees! Go East Bay! We rock.
Oh yeah, I'm running 5 miles tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

uhmmm 80 degrees... that's not nice - that's hot....~A

11:39 AM  

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