Wednesday, August 03, 2005

1/2 Marathon Pics

Click on this link to see pictures of me at the SF 1/2 marathon!
For some reason I have seem to run with my thumbs up. It's like I'm saying, "yeah...I'm doing good...everything's great." I'm weird, I know.
Last night was a nice 5 miles at Lake Chabot that started out at about 8 min/mi, then 8:30 min/mi, and slower and slower until the last mile which was 9:30 min/mi. Not bad for just running 13.1 miles that Sunday!
Tonight is 6 miles with the EastBay Frontrunners in Alameda. Nice flat course.
Fundraising update: $1,920 raised, $1080 more to go!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pics look good. Keep up the hard work. ~A

10:33 AM  

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