Friday, August 19, 2005

More miles...

Wednesday I had a great run of 6 miles with EBFRW. Jeff and I took off at the beginning and finished in just over 48 minutes. Really good time! Finished with some pizza in Alameda with the gang.

Thursday I decided to run to Lake Chabot. Why drive when you can run!?! I made it to the top of the VERY BIG and LONG hill that I normally walk up for a warm-up and decided I had enough of the lake. I turned around and headed for home. When it took me a fraction of the time to get down, I thought I needed to run a little more, so I took a few turns through town before heading back home. Ran 5.3 miles in about 44 minutes. Not bad for running that hill. My shins are yelling at me today ("What the hell did you do to us!?!"), so when I go home (after going for a workout at the gym) I'll ice them and hopefully make them happy again! :)

Tomorrow is an easy day, 7 miles! Then a 4 hour choir practice. Busy, busy!

Everyone have a great weekend!


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