Wednesday, August 17, 2005

7 miles...A Recovery run??

I never thought that I would say that, it's ONLY 7 miles. No big deal! Crazy!

This week will be pretty much the same as the past 11 weeks! Ran last night at Lake Chabot for 5 miles, tonight at Alameda (Bay Farm or Harbor Bay) for 6 miles, tomorrow another 6 miles and then Saturday is the group run of ONLY 7 miles. It's actually a good thing that is only 7 miles. I have choir rehearsal at 10am, so I'll be able to do both, with about 5 minutes to take a shower and get ready! :)

Fundraising: still $2,130 of $3,000 raised. Time to send yet another round of reminders!

A breakdown of donations:
Co-Workers $795
Friends $510
Family $125
Garage Sale $700

Thanks to everyone!!


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