Monday, August 15, 2005

14 miles...check!

Over the freeway and through the streets to a 7 mile marker we went! (get it?, over the river, through the woods...)

It was a cool and cloudy morning...perfect running weather! 8 am seemed a little early to be running, but I managed to get there on time! We started at the Berkeley Marina. We ran across the freeway (I-80) on the pedestrain bridge onto Addison Street (I use to work on Addison many years ago.) Up Addison to San Pablo Ave and hung a right. Went left on Dwight Way up to Shattuck Avenue. Right on Shattuck Avenue down past the Berkeley Bowl, a couple blocks past were Shattuck runs into Telegraph, we turned left on 42nd Street. (Tabitha and I shared a studio apartment on the corner of 42nd & Telegraph years ago!) Over on 42nd Street to Broadway and left on Broadway to the Kragen Auto Parts parking lot for mile 6. (Again, the building next to the parking lot is where Tabitha lived before we got our place in Jack London Square). Up a hill on Broadway, back down and then up a Real Hill! It was a good two/three blocks long, almost to the Highway 24 overpass...Mile 7! Then we turned around and went back! It was different running on the sidewalks of major streets in Berkeley and Oakland. Not something I thought we would do since we have so many wonderful trails around the marina. But, it was nice to see were I had lived and worked a few years back!

During our runs we do "walk-breaks". Now some people in the running community think that is cheating. They believe that if you don't run the entire way (26.2 miles) you are not running a marathon. Well anyways, we run for 7 minutes and walk 1 minute. Near the end, it was getting hard to start and stop like that. It sort of felt like I was getting off of a horse when I started to walk. Very weird.

When I got home I continued to do more streches in hope that I would become a stiff mess! It really paid off. I still can't bend over and touch my toes, but I can get out of the chair without making a face!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO BRAD!!! 14 miles? that is so awesome! I love that you are really sticking with this, and I know you are going to finish your marathon. When I neighbor ran his, he said that as long as they didn't have to carry him over the finish line, then he was a winner! (but he was 50)

8:18 PM  

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