Sunday, October 23, 2005

10 Miles and back on pace!

Ok, after a couple of hit and miss weeks because of an overloaded schedule (imagine that, me busy?) I'm back with a new pace group. Unfortunately when I switched from Honolulu to Miami, I lost all of my great friends in the Hansen group. They are a great group of people and hope to see them soon! Now with the Miami training, the groups are a little slower therefore so am I. I've gone from 9min/mi to 10min/mi. I guess that's not really that bad of thing. Just spend more time out on the course. Plus I am now driving all the way to Golden Gate Park to run, which just strains my time a bit. Only a few more months!
So, this weeks training looks like Tuesday 5 miles, Wednesday 6 miles, Thursday (moving day!), Friday if I can get my butt out of bed right away (5 miles) (also moving day), Saturday is 12 miles over at GGP! Amazing how 12 miles seems so doable nowadays!
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Planning on my next update Wednesday.


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