Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Last post before marathon (maybe!)

Here's my last post before the big day!!! (unless of course I find a computer with internet access!)

And my goals are...(Drumroll).....

1st Goal: 4 hours 45 minutes This is a 10:53 min/mi pace.

Back-up Goal: Under 5 hours. This is a 11:20 min/mi pace. The weather may be hotter (and muggy!!) than expect. Plus there is a chance of thunderstorms!

(Now don't tell anyone, but secretly my goal is 4 hours 30 minutes!!) This is the "please, please, if everything goes well" goal. That's 10:18 min/mi!

You can go to to see how I'm doing during the marathon. I'll be posting once I get to a computer after the marathon to tell you all about it!


Blogger tony said...

Wow! That means by time I get up and have my breakfast, you'll have finished a marathon. It's a wonderful thing you're doing! I'll say a cheer for you when I go to bed Saturday night and check your progress when I get up on Sunday.

5:42 PM  

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