Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 7 - 27.93 miles

Almost 200 miles!!! I am .4 miles away! Today was sort of like the other 7 days, early start, lots of time on the feet and a strong finish. Tonight I am at my Grandparents house (Dad's side) just outside of Osage (my hometown!) Liz and I talked about what it would be like to go to my 10 year class reunion. It's hard to believe that I've been out of high school (and Osage) for 10 years now.

The road was a little nicer, the drivers just a bit more crazy! I saw a semi passing a big Winnebago while cars were coming the opposite direction. The semi pulled in just in time...nuts!

We are just 4 miles west of Osage and will be going through the town probably around 6 - 6:30am. I have a feeling I'll be pretty slow tomorrow. My legs were getting a little tired, my feet were a little sore. I didn't get in my regular routine, and it's already 9:20pm. Each day is a new and different challenge, isn't it?

Happy last day of June!


Anonymous Amy said...

Wow, almost 200 miles! It seems like just yesterday you were starting - I bet it feels like you have been doing this forever. You are starting to take on hero status to me when you make comments like..."it's 200 miles, my legs are a LITTLE tired". I think I would need a leg transplant by now. Way to go -- enjoy another beautiful day. Sounds like the hot weather will be back just after you end.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You make a big sister proud! Tell Liz congrats too. Hope you are enjoying this, although it still sounds crazy to me:) --Katie Jo

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Amy K said...

That is awesome!

Accomplishing this has to make you feel like there is nothing that you can't do!

Hope you get a good nights sleep!

3:31 PM  

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