Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 3, 28.0 Miles

We started the morning around 5:30am. Here you can see the sun rise among the many windmills. Today started out warm and VERY humid..71 degrees and 90% humidity! It felt like I was swimming through the air. My left leg was still pretty sore from yesterday so I decided that today would be just a walking day. I felt defeated thinking that I would only be walking today, but I thought at least I'm not giving up!
After 2 miles, I noticed my feet shuffling along...my body started jogging along before my brain knew what was going on. The shoulder seem to flatten out and the road wasn't very busy, so I was able to run on the side of the highway.
About mile 12 I really was feeling strong, though it was getting hotter and hotter. By 10am, it was 85 degrees. I weighed myself a few times during the run and only lost 3 pounds. I really made sure that I was taking in fluids!
At mile 23, I was really starting to feel the miles on my legs. I was going in and out of "I can do it" "I can't do it". But I reached deep down inside and was able to make it to mile 25. Once I realized that I only had 3 miles left...I knew I could do it, even if it meant walking.
I hope all of this makes sense...I really tired today and looking to do a few more stretches, eat and go to bed. Tomorrow is officially the longest day, 28.55 miles. We'll see how far it really is!!

Oh and the most painful thing...the poison oak on my chest!! I think that hurts most of all!

6am: 62 degrees, 90% humidity
10am 73 degrees, 66% humidity
1pm 77 degrees, 49% humidity


Blogger Bob Meade said...

Poison Oak on the chest ... where did that come from? Hope that the knee holds out.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

The body always finds the speed it works best at. That seems like a great sign that it is still ready to run. Take care - safe running!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Amy K said...

You are doing awesome - talked to Mom tonight and she said you were doing pretty well.

BUT POISON OAK? on the chest? OUCH!!! Don't scratch!

8:50 PM  

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