Friday, June 22, 2007

Almost on the plane

Just waiting for the dryer to finish and I'll have everything packed!

I just realized that I have Poison Oak...again! What I thought was chaffing where my heart rate monitor sat (across my chest) is really a little section of poison oak. It's at the blister getting ready to get gross stage. I washed down the heart rate monitor strap and myself down with Technu. I think I have a bit of the stuff in my vehicle somewhere. That's about the only way that I think I could get it. Too bad there isn't a black light test sort of thing for poison oak. Urgh! Very uncomfortable. Especially when it's going to be hot and humid!!

Today I had a great 30 minute session with Aundi Mevoli @ Innersport ( She had stopped by the EastBay Frontrunners Saturday run and was planning on doing demonstrations of Active Release Therapy, but it was very cold. I was talking to her about my little run across Iowa adventure and she invited me in for a free 30 minute session. EXCELLENT! I'll be seeing her in July.

Weather report:
Sunday: High 92, Low 72, Hot and Humid
Monday: High 94, Low 68 Hot and Humid


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