Thursday, June 14, 2007

And then things come together

I've been sort of stressed out lately. With Cabaret getting ever closer (June 17th!) and organizing a run 1500 miles away, I've had little sleep!
What amazes me is how things come together! My small group, Otto Voci (I feel a close father-like relationship to this group, even though I'm the youngest) has put in a lot of extra practices and hardwork the past few weeks and we are sounding great. Brandon, our interim Artistic Director of OEBGMC has magically brought the chorus together in also a short period of time and we have 4 songs ready to go. Dan S. has been putting in countless (and sometimes I'm sure thankless) hours to have this event come off without a hitch. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!
RAI 2007 is becoming more and more of a reality. My parents and my sister Liz have done sooo much work in Iowa to make sure I have everything I need during the run. Also, all of my friends in the EastBay Frontrunners & Walkers group have supported me.

Thank you, thank you.


Blogger Michael said...

Brad - man are we proud of you, dude!
Keep it up.

EBFR Steering Committee

Jeff, Michael, Don, Scott, Susan, Dominic

8:55 PM  

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