Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 4 & 5 DONE!

I don't have access to my computer right now, but wanted to let everyone know that yesterday and today is done!
Yesterday was 28.85 miles and today was 28.03 miles. The weather was finally cooler today and was able to run much faster. Though, I'm not sure if that was a good idea, I'll know tomorrow when I'm running.
It sounds like tomorrow's weather will be cool too!
Hopefully I'll have some more pictures tomorrow or the next day.


Anonymous Amy said...

What great news to hear that Days 1 thru 5 are now just a glorious memory. The weather here has been much nicer - looks like god is cutting you some slack for a day or so.

Happy running, run safely!

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Hany said...

Yay... keep going, Brad! Good luck! I'm glad the weather is cooling down. ^_^

10:41 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

Amy - So far so good. I think it's suppose to get warm again. No problem though...I just slow down (wayyyy down!)

Hany - Hi! You'll be very happy to know that I haven't check any work email so far!

2:40 PM  

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