Thursday, July 13, 2006

Weather report

First weather report for Saturday, July 22nd!

High: 82
Low: 63
Chance of T-Storms
ENE 12 mph

It looks like it won't be that hot after all (it's still 9 days away, so everything could change!)

If the winds are from the ENE, then I would think that it could even be cooler on the Lakeshore Path, because the winds would be coming from the lake, causing it to be cooler. Sound right??
Because of the chance of t-storms, I think it might be fairly humid though! :(

An easy 4 mile run tonight. Saturday is my last "long" run of 8 miles.

Got an email from cousin. It will be her 30th birthday the night we get in. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She told me to stop being nervous about things and that everything will be taken care of. The whole nervous thing comes from my mom's side of the family...I'm pretty sure of it!


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