Thursday, July 06, 2006

Now for the taper...

Amazing how fast time flies. (How many times do I say that around here??)

I finished my last long run of my training and now to slowly taper down before the marathon!! In the spirit of this round of training, I opted for a trail run instead of my 20 mile road run. Good idea? Who knows! I did have an awesome time though!

I finished a 25km in 2:28:02. Enough for 30th out of 88. This being my VERY first trail run/race, I think I did very well! Afterwards, I was sitting on the ferry going back to Tiburon talking to a fellow runner. He asked me what I thought of the run, I told him that I've completed two marathons before, but never a trail run. I looked down at my dirty shoes and my dusty legs, looked back up at him and smiled. He said, yeah, all it took was one run for me to get the trailrunning bug too! I told him that I had a 20 mile training run planned for today and was a little disappointed that I only did ~15 miles. He told me that 15 miles of trail is equal to 20 miles on the road. I would have to agree!

Only 16 more days until the marathon! The new dilemma, do I have time to break in a new pair of shoes for the marathon, or do I use my older ones that have over 300+ miles on them??

Safe running!


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