Friday, March 24, 2006

Training has begun! Week 1

Oh, how quickly time goes by. Week 1 of 18 almost complete.

Monday: 6 miles @ 9:17
Wednesday 5 miles (3mi @ 7:47)
Thursday 5 miles @ 9:17
Saturday 10 miles @ 9:17

Ok, so that was the plan...but of course that's not what happened.

All of my miles were too fast and I'm throwing in a 10k race on Saturday. I'm really not in a race mode right now, but I was interested in seeing how fast my 10k is at the moment (though I just have one week of training, coming out of a two week rest after completing two marathons in 5 weeks)....this should make for an interesting time. I also want the t-shirt. Nothing like knowing you are a runner when you have more race shirts than any other thing in your closet! ;)

Something that I need to start thinking about is fundraising for my next AIDS Marathon Training Program (Florence, Nov. 2006). Ok, I've been thinking about it...maybe what I need to do is start moving into action!!

Next week:
Same as this week.


Blogger psbowe said...

Yeah, I just got done hauling a bunch of race tshirts to the salvation army the other day.

They pile up quick.

Good luck with the 10K.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Sister #3 said...

You should ask your sister to make a you a quilt out of all your t-shirts from your races...

I know - it doesn't get cold out there - but would be kinda neat.

12:04 PM  

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