Friday, May 12, 2006

10 weeks to go!!

Only 10 more weeks until the Gay Games! This week it was WARM!! It hasn't been warm and sunny forever!!

This past week: (I think week 8 of 18?)
Monday: 5 miles
Wed: 7 miles (with 3x mile repeats)
Thur: 3 miles (almost didn't seem worth getting dressed for!)

Tomorrow: 18 miles! I'll be running 12 miles then meeting up with the East Bay Frontrunners to finish up the last 6 miles. I've found that it's a great way to finish my long runs. Last Saturday I had 16 miles to do. I ran from Johan's place (near Hwy 13) down to Harbor Bay (Alameda). Around the island and while everyone waiting for everyone else to finish, I ran 3 more miles to the restaurant. Since that was only 14 miles, that afternoon I ran to volleyball (3 miles) played volleyball for 2 hours and then ran 3 miles back home. It was a slow 3 legs were pretty much spent! My 16 miles turned into 20...but with a 3 hour rest and two hour volleyball playing breaks!

With my long runs becoming longer, my weekday mileage has been going down a little (as I continue to build miles, the weekday runs will become longer)

Next week:
Monday: 4 miles
Wed: 6 mi (4 mi tempo)
Thur: 4 mi
Sat: 20 miles!! My first 20 miler since the Napa marathon!

Check out this great blog:
She lives in the neighborhood and seems like a great person that I could learn a lot about running ultras from. I love the fact she ran a 100k race and then a difficult 50k race the next day. One day, you just day.


Anonymous matt said...

hi, brad! i stumbled across your blog through a comment on angie's site. i am also running my first ultras this year (a 50K and 50 miler). i keep stumbling across others that are starting out, too. it is nice to follow the progress of other new ultra runners. and you are right...there are a lot of amazing ultra runners that perform well in back-to-back events. some day that can be you, too. good luck with your training for marathons and beyond :)

6:42 PM  
Anonymous angie's pink fuzzy said...

thanks for the comment to my blog!

good luck on your marathons, and yay for ultra training!

6:58 AM  

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