Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fast Week 7

Amazing how fast time flies when you are busy! I am in the middle of Week 7 of my training for the Gay Games VII marathon. Right now, my long run is at 16 miles. On May 20th will be my first 20-mile run of this training.
I have already logged 166 miles in almost 22 hours! If you are wondering where I have been...I've been running!

This week's schedule:
Monday: 5 mi @ 9:05/mi (actual: 5.54 mi @ 7:37/mi)
Wednesday: 6mi w/ 4mi @ 7:42/mi
Thursday: 4 mi @ 9:05/mi
Saturday: 16 mi @ 9:05/mi

As you can see by Monday's actuals, I don't follow directions very well. This past Saturday I was scheduled to only do 6 miles, but it was such a nice day out...I ended up doing 16 miles instead.

I recently retired another pair of shoes...Brooks Dyad 2. They had 444.6 (or so) miles on them. They are my second pair of shoes to be officially retired. My new pair of Brooks Dyad 3 now have 34.9 (or so) miles on them. I'll need to buy a new pair before the end of this month so I can have a pair to run the marathon in. If I only use these shoes, they will be ready to be retired right before the marathon.


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