Friday, July 06, 2007

And now what happens?

So what happens next? I noticed my body is quite stiff and creaky at the moment. I think it actually liked the miles everyday. I am more sore now then I was when I was getting up every morning and running.
I think I want to do this again, in about two years. I see a couple of options. Either have a race setting, were people sign up to run across the state. They each have a crew and certain rules for getting across.
I do this again but up it to 40-50 miles a day.

We'll see!


Anonymous Amy said...

Wow - it must have been a really, really good experience to think about/write about "a next". I do like the idea of running across Iowa - heck, thousands of bikers do it each year - how hard can it be....:}

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Amy K said...

I'm thinking that would be a great idea.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now what happens?

Well, let me tell you. As soon as you are back and you can walk again we're going to Fenton's or Loard's for a lot of ice cream! It's been bleepin hot here! Wait, you running back to the bay area as well?


9:15 AM  

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