Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cold and rainy!

Wow, it was cold and rainy this morning. Luckily it stopped raining in time for my run. 1.5 miles to the run site and then twice around the lake for a total of 7.5 miles. A fairly short "long run", but need to take it easy. Of course I never listen to myself. The last 1/4 mile I ran at about 6min/mi pace. I usually run a 9 min/mi for these long runs.
Had a great time at Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday. The lines weren't too bad. I love going on rollercoasters! What was interesting is that I didn't feel anxious or nervous at all while waiting in line or while on them. They were a lot of fun though!
I've gotten a few more emails from people back in Iowa (enjoying the snow?). Great to hear from people that I haven't talked to or seen for years!
And a reminder to all of you Class of 1997 classmates, we are having our 10 year reunion this summer (I believe the weekend of July 7th). Mark your calendars! We are collecting everyone's information, so please send me an email:

Happy Trails!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brad - CONGRATS on everything!
Keep it up!
Hey, if you have never run on a WOODWAY TREADMILL, let me know and we can change that! Yes, there really IS a difference. There better be considering we are the WORLDS best. Hope to hear from you,
PJ at Woodway USA

6:28 AM  
Blogger Feminist Runner said...

Runners and roller coasters, a perfect match!
Glad to see someone having a 10 year reunion -- my girlfriend and I were just discussing how rarely anyone re-unites. My school closed in honor of our 10 year anniversary.

6:22 PM  

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