Tuesday, October 24, 2006

PAUSATF Ultra standings

As of my last race, I am currently in 2nd place in the Pacific Association USATF 2006 Men's Ultra Grand Prix (29&under).


Ok, so there is only 5 of us, and the real reason I'm in second is because I ran an extra race compared to the others. And I'm really not that fast, if the other 29 & under guys would be members, they would all be ahead of me. (Well, I did place higher than one of them at Skyline 50k) But, for the time being (and before I move into the really hard age classes!) I'm in 2nd place. Not to shabby for someone that just started running ultras in August!

Next up...23 mile celebration run with the Florence marathon NATMP folks on Saturday. I was going to do the 12 hour run, but we've been invited to some Halloween parties that night and it's time to be a good boyfriend to Johan.

Tonight, easy 6 miles around the lake.

I'm starting to think about my training for this coming spring.


Blogger Feminist Runner said...

Second out five is in the upper half! Yay!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Amy K. said...

Saw a nice article about you in the MC Press News (or at least the on-line version)

7:40 PM  

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