Wednesday, October 11, 2006


What a great time I had last Saturday! And what a great time I've had talking to people about the race! There are a lot of awesome ultra (and soon to be) runners out there. One thing about ultramarathoners, they seem to be very laid back and easy to get along with. They are also ready to give advice when asked (and even when not asked!)
What's really cool is to find out that my race report has been emailed to many others...(including my hometown paper which may do a story about me!) I remember less than 10 months ago I had yet to run my first marathon. I was very nervous. I knew I could probably finish, but had no idea how long it would take me to run another one (and if I would keep with it!) Here are I am 10 months later, 3 marathons and 4 ultras later (and now qualified to run Western States!)
Oh yeah, I have mentioned that I QUALIFY for Western States! Scared that they will pull my name out of that gatorade bucket on December 2nd! Put will be disappointed if they don't!
I think it may be time to get a digital camera to carry around with me while running. It would be nice to have a few pictures put up here. Anyone upgrading their camera and looking to sell their old one??
I think tomorrow will be my first run. I think an easy 6 miles around the lake sounds good. I am pretty much all healed up. I have some tightness in my hip flexors. I have three black toenails (I think I may need to go down 1/2 size in my shoes?) All but the blood blister have healed. I'm very happy with my recovery. Especially since I didn't do any of things you are suppose to do (ice bath!!)

Until next time...Happy Trails!


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