Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holy crap!

Could it be that I haven't run this entire week (and most of last!)?!? This has to be the longest period of time that I've taken off from running. Last week was full of practices and concerts and this week was full of being sick and a few performances. Not at all surprising, after week full of singing (sort of like a marathon of singing) I got sick. Sore throat and a cough. I spent a few days this week in bed trying to get better as quickly as possible because I had more singing to do. Yesterday Otto Voci was on Alice Radio (FM 97.3) morning show with Sarah and No Name. Lots of fun. I had downed my cough syrup, had a cough drop in my mouth almost constantly and was spraying my throat with that numbing crap. It worked. I haven't heard what we sounded like, but everyone I talked to said we sounded pretty good. Not bad for missing two (out of 8) people, with three of us sick.
Only two more performances for the year and that's a wrap for 2006! We already have 6 gigs through the month of March. Pretty amazing since our group started less than a year ago (and we've had a few personnel changes).
Back to running. Well, since I have been coughing, I've been taking it easy on the running (and the fact that I've had to be somewhere all the time hasn't left any time for it). It will all be renewed after a holiday trip to Iowa. Johan will be meeting the family for the first time (he's met my sister Liz, but that's it). I'm not worried at all, he's a really nice guy and I think everyone will like him. So, about a week in Iowa then back to the streets of Oakland to ramp up for the spring/summer running season. I'll be looking for a training plan for my run across Iowa over the holidays. If anyone has any suggestions for a training plan (starting at beginning of January and ending the last week of June), please let me know!

Otto Voci singing at the Berkeley Art Museum


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