Sunday, October 07, 2007

Running this weekend

Brad, Jeff, Eldrith & Buzz at Mt. Tam.

Jeff, Eldrith & Buzz at Mt. Tam

What could be better than running 16.5 miles around Mt. Tam, running with these three people! A RDL reunion of sorts. Early Saturday, we all met at Mountain Home Inn in Marin County and spent all morning running along the beautiful trails around Mt. Tam.

One problem, you know how some trails are "single track?" Well, some of these trails were "half" track. I was flying down the trail and my left foot fell off to the side and I twisted it pretty good. Enough for me to actually stop, think about how hurt it really was and then started to limp forward until I was able run without any pain. It didn't help that about 20 minutes before I had hit my left foot against a ragged sharp rock. All part of the trail running experience, right?

Unfortunately I was not able to stay for lunch afterwards, I had a board meeting & wedding to go to later in the day. I was able to finally get home at 4:15, and with the wedding starting at 5pm, I had little time to get ready. I sat down on my bed and that's when I finally felt my ankle and leg muscle...I needed ice and Advil and to put my foot up. I was going no where quickly.

This morning when I got out of bed, my left leg is still feeling a little weak. Time to do some slow stretching and hopefully to a quick recovery for Saturday's Firetrails 50 Mile!


Anonymous hany said...

oh dear! i hope for foot is okay now. i was worried when i didn't see u at the wedding.... (well it was more like "dude, i'm gonna kick his butt for not showing up" hehehehe jkjk!) but seriously, i hope your foot is okay... you shouldn't force yourself too hard.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Addy said...

hi, just stumbled onto your blog looking for other bloggers doing firetrails this weekend :)

Hope your ankle is okay! Running mt tam is wonderful, but does make for some tricking footing. Hope it's better by Saturday

7:14 AM  

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