Sunday, September 02, 2007

Preview report of AYAOTD!

Congratulations to Don and Jeff for completing the First Annual "Are You Afraid of the Dark 12 Hour Fun Run!"

Here are some pictures of the run.

Brad, Jeff, Don: Here we are In the Dark! 9pm up on Skyline in the Oakland Hills. We spent 3 hours of FUN on the trails. Goats, Spiderwebs, a weird trailer, cops, Lovin' in vehicles and fireworks! Yes, this run was to have it all!

Don, Jeff, Brad: Lake Merritt! We survived the trails of the East Bay Hills; the mountain lions had spared us, but would we be afraid here at the largest urban saltwater lake? Peter joined us for the FUN and did a few laps with us. Rats, screams, drunks, gunfire, we had it all at Lake Merritt!

The Aid Station: After some initial confusion, the race director/volunteer (yours truly) finally got his act together and the aid station came together. The back of my vehicle was our oasis in the dark. Our oasis of watermelon, pb&j sandwiches, potatoes & salt, brownies, muffins, pretzels, bananas, water, gatorade, salt tablets, tums...if we didn't have it, we probably didn't need it!

Jeff, Brad, Don: Alameda! And the FUN continued in Alameda! It was 4am and only 5 hours left of FUN was to be had. Fred joined us for a bit and John Taylor brought us much needed coffee in the morning. Pot smokers, vomit, GI problems, chafing in places where the sun doesn't shine and a second wind.

Jeff, Brad, Don: We had a great time! We came sprinting over the pedestrian bridge into Bay Farm Island with 5 minutes to spare, so to stay true to "12 hours", we finished with a 5 minute out and back along the bay.

Thank you for everyone's support, especially to Don and "Ocean Beach" Jeff, without them I just might have been to Afraid of the Dark to finish! Thanks "Sacramento" Jeff for your text messages. It gave us a surge of energy to keep going!

And a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Don for completing his first ultramarathon! I never had any doubt!

And...Give runners 12 hours to think and you never know what you'll get. (Save the Date, December 15 and/or 16! Details to come!)

A complete run report will be posted to a little later today...hopefully!

Brad Niess
Race Director/Aid Station Captain/Runner


Blogger Jeff Johnston said...

Thanks for including me on all the FUN in the dark. Great commentary on the run. Are you ready for the Ocean Beach 50k and the dreaded STD's? Sharks, Tourists, and Dirt! I can promise all of it. More to come!


11:36 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

OB50k! Nothing like being promised STDs from the race director! (And I thought my race had it all!)


4:47 PM  
Blogger Dane said...

Still waiting for the recap!

9:12 PM  

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