Saturday, August 04, 2007

Rio del Lago 100 Mile...not as easy as first thought

Using the word "easy" around a 100 mile race (especially since I haven't run one!) probably isn't a word that most people wouldn't use. But when looking for my first 100 miler, Rio del Lago was one that was mentioned to me as being easier than most 100 milers.
Well, there is a great LISTSERV for ultras that has been a wealth of information. On that list this morning, a list of many ultras and IronMan Triathlons were listed according to difficulty, with Western States 100 mile as the 100% benchmark. Same person completed both the event in the list and WS100 in the same year. The relative percentage is averaged over the samples:
According to this list, RDL is 92.6%. To give you an idea of where other races fall on the list:

Badwater 135 mile 158.7%
Leadville Trail 100 mile 104.2%
IronMan Wisconsin (140 mile): 57.5%
IronMan Hawaii World Championship 44.6%
Firetrail 50 mile 36.8%

That really gives me a new respect to the 100 mile distance. I've watch IronMan Hawaii on TV many times and thought wow, that's really tough and I probably could never do that. Now to look at this list and see that the "easy" 100 miler that I'll be doing in September is 48% TOUGHER than IronMan Hawaii!

Off to the Chi Running Workshop.


Anonymous Amy said...

Ignorance is bliss. It's all relative. It's as easy as you make it. If you can dream it you can do it. ... ok, I am trying to think of all the positive phrases I have heard that would be an appropriate response. But, wow, none really fit. 50% tougher than the Ironman. Good luck! I wonder what a RAI would rate as...

7:13 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

Ignorance is bliss! :)
I know RAI 2008 is going to much tougher!

5:22 AM  

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