Thursday, July 26, 2007

Run, work, run, work...

These last two weeks have gone by so fast! (Story of my life!) I've been able to get a few good runs in, but not exactly what I had in mind. I was hoping to run at least a 20 miler before Skyline 50k (Aug. 5), but never seemed to be able to get out there. I also didn't realize how far away August 5th really is...It's NEXT weekend! I was thinking I would be able to get in a nice long run this Saturday, but maybe that's not a good idea. Won't really help me for the 50k.
I have been able to get back onto the trails. My body has been training/running on FLAT, FLAT ground. I've noticed that my legs don't hurt as much. Maybe the time off the hills helped. I definitely have to be better about using my foam roller and icing my legs down after runs. I can start to feel my IT band tightening back up.
I'm also looking forward to make next big adventure...Rio del Lago 100 Mile. That is only a short 7 weeks away! EEK! Need to reserve hotel rooms, get a crew together, get a pacer. Better get going on that!

I've also been thinking about my multi-day run. There's a road (for the most part) that runs the Minnesota/Iowa border. I'm thinking about 6 days to complete the run. I need to figure out how many miles it would be. Should be around 300. Maybe in a little cooler weather? It was a fun challenge to run during the summer heat. I would not have said that a few weeks ago, but now the painful parts of the run have escaped my memory! I think that's a necessary trait to have as an ultrarunner...forgetting how much a long run can hurt! If I get my act together, perhaps I can do some fundraising with this run. Now that I know I can run across the state (even if at a snail's pace!) I have more confidence asking people for support!

Lunch break over....back to work!


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