Friday, August 03, 2007

One month and One day!

That's how long it will be from when I finished running 306.9 miles to running my next race, Skyline 50k. I remember hearing people would only run one marathon a year, because any more than that and it was too much. Are they crazy??? Or am I?

I had a nice run Tuesday on the trails and Wednesday around Lake Merritt. I took yesterday off and have yet to decide what I'll be doing tonight. Saturday morning I'm taking a Chi Running workshop at Innersport in Berkeley. I'm interested to see what I'll learn and what/how I can apply the concepts to my run on Sunday.

Since getting back on the trails I've noticed I'm having more IT Band issues. I'm wondering if it's my trail shoes or if I'm just running too hard on the hills.


Blogger Dane said...

THEY are crazy. Why work your body up to a level of fitness and then not use it again for a year? The only people who need to conserve their bodies as such are those pushing the 2:15s or less.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

How can I NOT agree with that!

I'm pushing 2:15...oh, you mean for a marathon, not a half!


1:48 PM  

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