Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Now to raise $3,800!

That's right, I'm now putting on my hat as a AIDS Marathoner!! Marathon #2 to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (#4 for this year!).

Give! Give! Give!

(Please cut and paste, my brain isn't working this morning to get this to turn into a link!!)

So far... $600 out of $3,800 raised.

Running this week:
Last Saturday I did a 10 mile run with the AIDS Marathon people (We are in week 8 of training.) Develop a nice blister on the inside of my pinky toe. Ouchy!!

Tonight will be a few miles around the lake. Not sure how many yet.

Saturday will be an easy 5 miles with the AIDS Marathon folks. Possible hiking in the afternoon with Johan.

Sunday.....hmmm....looking at a possible 50k trail run. Does one just decide at the last moment that hey, 50k sounds like a lot of fun...and on trails with lots of ups & downs!! We'll see. I'll have to pay an extra $15, but it may be worth it since I'm not even 80% sure if I'll do it or not.

Happy trails!


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