Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The birth of yet another Blog.

So, after talking with my sister Amy, I decided to start up a Blog to keep track of my journey (to help raise funds!) to the finish line of 26.2 miles, The Marathon!
A quick background:
April 20, 2005 I registered with SF AIDS Marathon in downtown Oakland around 7:30pm. Actually, I took the form home, talked it over with John and then dropped off the form on the 21st during my lunch hour.
April 21, 2005, around 12:34pm, after dropping off my registration form, I called my friend Tabitha and left her a message that I must be crazy because I just signed up to do a marathon!
April 21, 2005, around 12:50pm, I got back to my office and then realized that I had to raise $3,000.
April 21, 2005, 1:04pm, I started to feel light-headed.

Fast forward a couple of weeks:
May 1, 2005, I ran over 7 miles! Surprisingly I was not sore or hurting. I didn't have time. John and I had to rush to get over to the church for our concert.
May 2, 2005, Braindead. Ok, it took a few hours but felt the run. I didn't drink enough water Sunday and was feeling a little dehydrated. Lesson learned: Drink water, then drink some more water!

Today: May 4, 2005
Yesterday I ran about 4 miles at Lake Chabot. This has become a favorite running place of mine. John and I go out there. I run out for 15 minutes and then back. Lots of hills so I'll be ready for the hill in Honolulu!
Received my first online donation!!! I was nervous that the website wasn't working, or worse yet, no one was going to donate money!
Today, the birth of my Blog!


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